What material of a good rollator make from?


To understand a good product, we must start with the materials of the factory

We took an video in the factory today to check the closing details for customers.

The video shows the raw material of Aluminium tube and completely new plastic arriving in our factory. 

By the way, to give our customers an introduction to the materials used in our factory.

Aluminum tube is very important in outdoor rollator, shower chair, commode chair, raised toliet seat and walking stick. The quality of aluminum tube is directly related to the service life of each product

Aluminum pipe is lighter than steel pipe, and resistant to corrosion and oxidation besides, it has good formability. Compared with steel pipes, aluminum pipes have only one disadvantage, that is, their hardness is not as high as steel pipes. But this is also better used in our product range, because steel pipes are too hard to bend, and plastic pipes are not corrosion resistant. After completing the product frame, we will also carry out hardening treatment again.


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